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Born in the depths of Mason Road Studio, on Ohio’s North Coast, Condition3 is a cutting edge rock band blending the old and new to create a unique sound. This gives you a feeling of things familiar, but in a way that you’ve never heard them before.

Reuniting Jim Shickley and Jeff Williams after a decade of artistic silence, Condition3 combines a myriad of influences and styles that contribute to the uncommon musical variety in their debut release, Do You Feel It. Co-mingling genres of alternative, metal, rock & roll, industrial, and pop, no attempt was made to limit its diversity.

Produced independently, Condition3 is determined not to confine their works to a particular style, and ensure their creative essence is purely reflected in every song. Each piece is presented just as it was conceived.

The sound of Condition3 can only be described as…Condition3!
Jim Shickley
Musically multifaceted, Jim plays guitar, bass, keyboard, mandolin, and arranges electronic percussion. With musical influences ranging from Van Halen and Alice in Chains, to Yngwie Malmsteen and Asia, Jim’s style is an amalgam of many.

Jeff Williams
Jeff played guitar in several rock bands throughout his high school and college years, before shifting his focus to vocals. With influences from The Eagles and Lynyrd Skynyrd, to Alice in Chains and Shinedown, Jeff brings an uncommon level of vocal versatility.

Jim and Jeff first met in high school, but didn’t reconnect until after college, when Jim was sought to play guitar in a band amongst mutual friends. Now, more than a decade after it’s dissolution, Jim and Jeff have rejoined for something new and completely different. Blending broad interests, Condition3 offers an original experience that is not easily categorized.